Evora 400: a Stunning Addition to the Lotus Car Range

Last Updated: June 1, 2019

Hailed as a performance car that will force Lotus’s rivals in this sector to look to their laurels, the Lotus Evora 400 is a formidable creation of motoring precision and power.

by AGENT Staff
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Image Source: LotusCars.com

Even by the formidable standards of Lotus car makers, the Lotus Evora 400 is formidable. Packing an incredible performance punch of 400hp, with an incredible top speed of 186mph (299kmh), this is a serious Lotus car, which weighs in at some 1,395kg of incredible auto engineering and design.

This serious slice of Lotus car manufacturing carries a price tag of around $89,000, and the notices for the vehicle from the pundits of the performance car world have been laudatory.

Referring to the car simply as ‘The Truth’, Road & Track declared it a car that “should make any other performance car maker take notice and reconsider what it is that they do”.

Considering it more supercar than sportscar, Car magazine said that the vehicle’s chassis, which was now sharper than ever, now had “the speed (and the sound) to match it”.

Here are the main talking points of the Lotus Evora 400, and how the carmaker has pushed the envelope with this most impressive vehicle.



Main Lotus Car Points of the Evora 400

1. Appearance

lotus car, lotus evora 400, lotus evora, lotus

Image source: lotuscars.com

The Evora 400 is Lotus’s fastest model yet, with a stylish and beautifully designed chassis that has formidable aerodynamic qualities. From the front cooling intakes, to the flashy new three-element tail spoiler, this Lotus car exudes sports performance.



2. Interior & Comfort

lotus car, lotus evora 400, lotus evora, lotus


With a newly designed cockpit, most obviously graced by ultra-lightweight sports seats, and a leather-trimmed steering wheel with its racing line indicator. However, that’s not the most notable feature—that would be the generous space in the cabin, making the Evora 400 one of Lotus’s finest to date.



3. Technology & Convenience

lotus car, lotus evora 400, lotus evora, lotus


The layout of the Evora 400 driver experienced has also been completely revised, with a more ergonomic dashboard configuration, and technical features including engine-start button, heated seats, air-conditioning, central locking, a four-speaker double DIN ICE unit with full Sat Nav capability, and a reversing camera and rear parking sensor.



4. Performance

lotus car, lotus evora 400, lotus evora, lotus


The ferociously powerful 3.5-litre V6 engine in the Evora 400 has been modified significantly to achieve supercar performance standards. The induction system of this superb Lotus car has been supplemented with a supercharger and a water-to-air chargecooler, which raises power to its 400bhp. In the first of the car’s six close-ratio manual gears, the acceleration is absolutely exhilarating.


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