7 Single-Sentence Social Media Tips for Business

Last Updated: July 1, 2020

Your market’s attention span is narrow, and your time is tight, so this post of single-sentence social media platform reviews, with associated tips, is gold for businesses planning a social media strategy for their organisation.

social media tips for business
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Before getting in to sharing and explaining my single-sentence platform guides and social media tips for business, the most important thing to say is not only are there numerous benefits, but there are also numerous platforms, and each of them has its principle strengths.

Any advice or set of social media tips for business must not only take account of this, but also do it quickly! Time is tight for everyone these days, for businesses and consumers alike. In business, the simpler you can describe something, the better. People’s attention spans are short and getting shorter, so you have to get your message across quickly.

Similarly, it’s important that businesses not only get their message across quickly on social media, but that they do so in a way that does not adversely impinge on their valuable time. Businesses must maximise their use of time and resources by studying the different social media and the advantages that each has for their business.


Social Media Tips for Business: 7 Single-Sentence Primers

I’m going to go through the key channels and describe them in one sentence. I’ll discuss these ‘one-liners’, and back up my arguments with a few examples, so let’s get started on these 7 social media tips for business.


1. Facebook: ‘If you choose just one network, choose this one.’

In the numbers game of advertising, Facebook is the biggest beast out there. Do a quick survey of your family and friends, and Facebook is not only the platform that everyone’s likely to be on, but also the one where they spend the most time.

The take-away here is, be where the audience is. Advertise on whichever platform your customers are on, and on Facebook.

There are some big things happening with video on Facebook currently. I’d recommend that you create as much video content as possible.

Social media tips for business: If you are not convinced, go to your newsfeed and have a quick scroll through. The vast majority of content will be video. Need I say more?


2. Twitter: ‘The best social network for finding content and news.’

I’ve always said that Twitter is superior to Google for up-to-date content, and I stand by that. Twitter’s real-time nature makes it a fantastic tool. Admittedly, it hasn’t been plain sailing for the company recently, but its usage levels are quite amazing. According to InternetLiveStats.com, as of 9.30am on Tuesday February 7, there had been approximately 262m Tweets posted that day alone!

social media tips for business

Image Source: InternetLiveStats.com

The Tweets were being sent at a rate of 7,503 per second. Those numbers are absolutely enormous. So, if there’s that much content circulating, is there some that you can use?

Social media tips for business: To find the content you are looking for, I recommend a combination of Twitter’s Lists and Search functions, along with TweetDeck, for the best content search results.


3. Instagram: ‘The channel for user generated content.’

If you have a location that people can tag themselves in, Instagram is a fantastic tool to harness. If people tag the location, reach out, engage and share that content. Help build a community on Instagram who will engage with you and spread the word. The endorsement side of Instagram is interesting to say the least!

If you don’t have a physical location then Instagram is where people go to unwind. They go to scroll through posts from sports teams, media accounts, bloggers, vloggers and personalities.

Social media tips for business: If your audience is on Instagram, my tip would be to utilise hashtags in posts and ads.


4. SnapChat: ‘Document and Record.’

During the past year, I’ve been using SnapChat heavily, and A/B testing it. While planning and staging snaps has been interesting, the reality is that it’s a pretty time-consuming process.

If you have the time to plan your snaps, by all means do it. If you don’t, however, think of SnapChat as a documentary. Decide on the theme you want, for example, ‘marketer in a startup’, and show people behind the scenes, a project you are working on, events that you attend, etc. Take snaps and show people the raw side of your business.

Social media tips for business: My best advice on SnapChat is to work out the time that you have available, and pick the most appropriate strategy.


5. YouTube: ‘People use it to browse videos, so set up Channel You.’

At lunch and when I go home in the evening, YouTube is one of the first sites I visit, because it is like browsing television. What’s the lesson for marketing? Once again, it’s about the need to be where the audience is.

Does this mean you have to create video on Facebook and then create content on YouTube? The honest answer is yes. However, use the same content on both.

If you’re looking for another reason to utilise YouTube, I have a one-word answer for you: Google. If people are searching on Google, and, because you’re using video and no-one else in your industry is, your video appears on page one of the searches, then use this as an SEO tactic.

Social media tips for business: You can also use the video on other networks, such as Twitter etc, so if you do have video content that has not been posted either to Facebook or YouTube, factor it into your schedule and post both.


6. LinkedIn: ‘It’s your Online CV.’

LinkedIn’s chief strength right now is for building your own CV and portfolio. Anyone working should think of it as an interactive CV. If you’re involved in a big project such as organising an event, or delivering a talk or keynote, add it to your profile.

Social media tips for business: LinkedIn is amazingly flexible. For example, if you’re a student, the platform is useful for reaching out to potential business you want to work with. Adapt the network to meet your needs.


7. Google+

Social media tips for business: People may disagree with me, but I have one very simple question for people who work on Google+. “Why are you on Google+??” That is all.



As you’ve seen from this overview of social media tips for business, there are many ways to find your audience? Are you using them all, or at least some? If you are not using at least one, Facebook, you’re missing out on a key fundamental of market behaviour and how business is being done in the 21st century.


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