7 of the most Amazing Sports Cars for Less Than €100,000 2018

Last Updated: October 1, 2018

If you aspire to sports car excitement but don’t want to break the €100,000 bracket, here are seven options that are as (relatively) easy on your wallet as they are hard on the road.

amazing sports cars

Sports cars are a fantastic choice for modern-day entrepreneurs and anyone with a busy lifestyles—they’re as robust and reliable as they are sleekly aspirational and exciting.

But there are more sports cars on the road than many people might imagine, with a huge range of accessories and items available online to cater for this demand, encompassing everything from a car cover for the 2014-2017 C7 Stingray to a sporty, universal steering wheel cover; from the safety & emergency tools you might like to carry in the event of an accident, to other add-ons, such as, if your car is suitable and you’re the outdoorsy type, a two-bike trunk mount for your mountain bikes

Here are 7 of the world’s most amazing sports cars at a relatively affordable asking price. They’re manufactured by a wife variety of companies, provide pick-me-up power and ‘going places’ cred, at a price that doesn’t break the €100,000 barrier.



1. Chevrolet Stingray

amazing sports cars

Image Source: Chevrolet

With a muscular, finely-sculpted body and removable roof, the Stingray is a brilliant option for drivers browsing in the sub-€100,000 price range. The Stingray embodies beauty, sophistication and class, combining brilliant engineering and purpose-driven design.

Price: €49,509 /£41,227 /$55,000 from Chevrolet



2. Dodge Viper SRT

amazing sports cars

Image Source: dodge

The look of the Dodge Viper SRT is unforgettable, and its performance and reliability are similarly premium brand. The Viper is designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency and high speed balance, while retaining many of the design characteristics that have made it such a distinctively iconic supercar.

Price: €79,120 /£65,885 /$87,895 from Dodge



3. Porsche 911 Carrera S

amazing sports cars

Image Source: Porsche

The renowned 911 Carrera S is a winning package of sleekly appealing looks, exciting road-handing and all-round superior performance. With a top speed of 308 km/h and roaring from 0-100km in 4.3 seconds, it’s little wonder that the 911 Carrera S is regarded as one of best of the most amazing sports cars in this price range.

Price: €81,420 /£67,800 /$90,450 from Porsche



4. Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

amazing sports cars

Image Source: alfaromeo

Alfa Romeo’s 4C Spider is designed around the driver, and its performance is superbly enhanced with numerous features designed to hone and improve each trip. The four-mode Alfa D.N.A. feature gives drivers the ability to create a personalised experience according to driving conditions or desired vehicle atmosphere.

Price: €59,321 /£49,398 /$65,900  from Alfa Romeo



5. Jaguar F-Type

amazing sports cars

Image Source: Jaguar

Coupé and convertible bodystyles are available for the beautiful Jaguar F-Type, which is such a perfect all-rounder that it’s a wonder its price is not in excess of €100,000. Boasting supercharged engines, performance braking systems and advanced aerodynamics, the F-Type guarantees a memorable Jaguar ride.

Price: €93,340 /£77,726 /$103,691 from Jaguar



6. BMW Z4 Roadster

amazing sports cars

Image Source: bmwusa

A convertible with the style of a top sports car and the class of a quality saloon, the Z4 stands out as one of the most amazing sports cars in any range. It maintains the stunning looks and robust efficiency of any BMW, with the convertible configuration adding a dash of chic cool.

Price: €44,738 /£37,254 /$49,700 from BMW



7. Lotus Evora

amazing sports cars

Image Source: lotus

Last but not least in our roundup of amazing sports cars in this price range, the high-speed Lotus Evora 400’s lightweight chassis has been lowered and widened to make entry and exit to the 2+2 composite body easy and luxurious. This is an exciting combination of reliability and performance, with its staggering amount of torque and power.

Price: €81,015 /£67,463 /$90,000 from Lotus


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