Best Business Apps UK – Handy Apps for UK Startups 2020

Last Updated: February 2, 2020

Productivity and efficiency is everything for small, medium or startup businesses. The best apps for startups and small businesses make administration so much easier, at low to no cost. These 7 are just an indication of the possibilities.

best apps for startups
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The smartphone was a breakthrough not only in telecommunications, but also in business productivity, thanks to the plethora of software apps that soon became available for iPhones and Android devices. Such apps—and those available for desktop also—are a dream come true, especially for startup businesses in their earliest stages, when every cent counts. Here are 7 of the best business apps UK for startups and small businesses.


1. Best Business Apps UK – Slack

best apps for startups

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SLACK is an ideal app for organization and keeping contact with employees. There are several different options available on this messaging app, including private messaging, group messaging and file-sharing.



2. Best Business Apps UK – Mint Bills & Money

best apps for startups

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Whether it is general money and budgeting advice or customized personal finance tips, Mint will provide a clear picture of your financial situation. You can also simply create budgets that are straightforward and accurate, and the app also allows you to check your credit.



3. Best Business Apps UK – Pocket

best apps for startups

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With Pocket, one of the best apps for startups, users can put articles, videos, photos and more into a safe location to view later. You can access the data from your web browser or via the app, allowing you to conveniently access and refer to the documents whether in the office or on the road.



4. Best Business Apps UK – Unroll.Me

best apps for startups

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THE Unroll.Me app provides users with an overview of mailing lists that they are subscribed to. The app can also unsubscribe you from any list. Then, every day at the time you choose, your will receive a single customised Rollup email, with only the messages from the subscriptions that you have chosen. This beautifully simple app not only allows you to keep tabs on your subscriptions, but also significantly declutters your inbox and slashes email admin time.



5. Best Business Apps UK – Keynote


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KEYNOTE is among the most powerful presentation apps designed for mobile devices, specifically the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, for which it was built from the ground up. with Keynote, you can transform your presentations into world-class, engaging multi-media experiences, all with Apple’s intuitive ‘touch and tap’ simplicity.



6. Best Business Apps UK – CamCard


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CAMCARD is an ingenuous app in an arena in the core business arena of face to face networking, where business cards remain a key currency. CamCard ensures that you don’t have to worry about storing these essential items. remains perhaps even more essential than ever. The app enables you to use your smartphone camera to capture a business card, and all its contact information will be swiftly and accruately read and saved to your phone contacts.



7. Best Business Apps UK – TimeTracker – Time Sheet


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One of the most powerful personal and business time-tracking apps on the web, TimeTracker – Time Sheet is an essential for the startup entrepreneur. An all-inclusive time tracking and reporting application, it will simply your life, make you more efficient and ultimately save you money, so essential in the business startup-phase.