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Last Updated: January 1, 2020

Whether you need to heat a room or a small apartment, electric heating is an ideal solution. However, the range of electric heating options is so diverse that it can be difficult for non-experts to find the best one. Check out our guide to the best electric heater units of 2020.

by AGENT Staff
best electric heater uk
best electric heater uk review - image source: dimplex

Electric heaters are fantastic for efficiently heating areas of the home or office not covered by your central system. The best electric heater UK appliances benefit from various technological improvements that make them as cost-effective as they are energy efficient.

Electric heating is a broad church, because it’s an umbrella term for a range of heating methods. These include the best room heater or space heater appliances, and radiators. There are also convection heaters, fan heaters, storage heaters, as well as the best portable heater units.

Therefore, finding the best electric heater can be tricky if you’re not an expert. That’s where this post comes in.


Best Electric Heater UK Review – 2020

Our team has compiled the following list of the best electric heater UK units of 2020. They have covered a representative cross section of what’s on the market currently.




1. Best Electric Heater UK – Dimplex 2kw Oil-Free Radiator with Timer



Image Source: Amazon

At the top of our list, the Dimplex OFRC20TiN is a powerful electric radiator, with a fin design that aids more swift distribution of heat. It’s a much lighter, cleaner, and more manoeuvrable alternative to its oil-filled radiator counterpars.

There are two heat settings with thermostatic control, and a digital 24-hour programmable timer gives you maximum customisation for an efficient heating schedule. With hardly any unnecessary energy consumption, the unit delivers up to a 9% saving on traditional oil-filled radiator units.

Approved by independent test house and product safety watchdog, the British Electrotechnical Approvals Board (BEAB), you’ll be able to use this product with complete peace of mind.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 179
Average Customer Review Rating: 4.1 out of 5 Stars

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2. Best Electric Heater UK – Duronic HV120 Convector Heater with Thermostat and Turbo Fan



Image Source: Amazon

Speed is the name of the game with this Duronic Convector Heater, and this model, which works either free-standing or mounted on a wall, is a super fast alternative to more traditional units.

With three heat pre-sets (750W, 1250W, or 2000W), this is ideal for heating a living room, bedroom or office if you don’t want to heat the entire house.

There is also a turbo fan feature that swiftly increases the intensity of the heat on the room, and this can also be used without heat during the summer.

A built-in thermostat gives you complete control over your toom temperature, and in a very handy touch, the unit will deactivate when the desired temperature is reached and reactivate automatically when the temperature drops below the desired level.

The Duronic HV120 boasts a full range of safety features and has a CE certificate. The unit is also supplied with a BS-approved UK-type 3-pin plug for customers in the UK and Ireland.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 218
Average Customer Review Rating: 4.2 out of 5 Stars

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3. Best Electric Heater UK – Ansio 2000W PTC Ceramic Heater



Image Source: Amazon

Ansio’s 2000w PTC Ceramic Heater is ideal for use on table tops or on the floor, even under your desk or in other small personal spaces. It’s surprisingly quiet too, generating only a gentle white noise whilst in operation.

The heater has PTC heating element for fast and efficient heating and is user-friendly indeed, with manual controls and an adjustable thermostat for fine-tuning of your desired room temperature. Even heat direction can be adjusted.

Safety features include auto shutdown switches to safeguard against overheating and tipping over. The appliance is covered by a two-year warranty.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 83
Average Customer Review Rating: 4.6 out of 5 Stars

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4. Best Electric Heater UK – Warmlite WL42008N 2-Bar Radiant Heater



Image Source: Amazon

This traditional two-bar radiant heater gives instant warmth to any medium sized room, and it’s absolutely ideal for use during extremely cold spells.

The 1200w output makes it ideal for use whether in workplaces or in the home as well as workshops and garages, and there’s a handy carry candle if you need to move it from room to room frequently.

An anti-tip safety feature helps to ensure stability, while the indicator light displays when the heater is in use, making it both reliable and safe top operate.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 128
Average Customer Review Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

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5. Best Electric Heater UK – CDA Stainless Steel Integrated Kitchen Plinth Space Heater

Image Source: Amazon

Here’s a great solution for kitchens that get cold first thing in the morning and during the winter—a heater that is built-in to the plinth under your kitchen cupboards and units. It will make a kitchen more comfortable also immediately, especially if your floors are tiled or wooden.

Its classy stainless steel finish gives a sleek modern appearance to your kitchen, and it’s also perfect for use in any season. There are two heat settings, and a cool air circulation function. The product comes with a five-year parts guarantee and two-year labour warranty.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 136
Average Customer Review Rating: 4.1 out of 5 Stars

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6. Best Electric Heater UK – Hylite HHT205 Slimline Eco Heater



Image Source: Amazon

This efficient low-cost 55W tube heater from Hylite has a with built-in thermostat which minimises energy usage.

Easy to install, the unit is supplied with the necessary fixings for wall-mounted or floor-standing operation.

It also has a 1.5m push-fit cable and UK three-pin plug that makes for easy disconnection when the unit is not in use.

A high quality seamless tube with easy-clean, white enamel finish, the heater has an IP44 rating for water resistance, and is fully CE-certified and BS EN 60335/1:2002-compliant. It has an automatic cutout to prevent overheating.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 450
Average Customer Review Rating: 4.1 out of 5 Stars

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7. Best Electric Heater UK – Prem-I-Air Elegant Panel Heater



Image Source: Amazon

The Prem-I-Air Elegant Panel Heater is a great slimline heating solution for apartments or other small spaces. This can be used either free-standing (castors are supplied), or easily mounted on a wall.

With quiet operation and minimal dust movement, this is a fuss-free appliance that is ideal for allergy sufferers, and is suitable for use in a workplace or a home, especially in conservatories and similar spaces.

This Prem-I-Air appliance is easy to use with a touchpad control panel and LCD screen that give you full control over the programmable seven-day hour-by-hour timer and other settings. It has a number of settings including frost prevention, economy and comfort.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 11
Average Customer Review Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

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8. Best Electric Heater UK – Sunhouse Thermostatic Low-Energy Eco Tubular Heater



Image Source: Amazon

This 6ft Sunhouse Tubular Heater is perfect for garages, sheds, greenhouses, basements, conservatories and many other ‘outside room’ locations in your home that are hard to heat.

Delivering a safe, steady, low level of heat, this 160w tubular heater has been designed for continuous operation, and will reach ‘normal’ room temperatures within a few minutes of activation.

It is also certified splash proof to IPX4 standard, has an auto-reset safety cut-out, and comes with a one-year parts and labour guarantee.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 16
Average Customer Review Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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9. Best Electric Heater UK – WarmeHaus Heated Towel Rail



Image Source: Amazon

This stylish rail ladder style electric towel warmer with chrome finish is a handsome addition to a modern bathroom.

With 14 pipe centres and 613BTU of heat output (and only using 150W), this also functions as an incredibly powerful radiators.

The finish is durable and high quality, and best of all, the unit comes with a fantastic ‘fit and forget’ guarantee that’s good for a whopping 10 years.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 73
Average Customer Review Rating: 4.4 out of 5 Stars

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10. Best Electric Heater UK – Jack Stonehouse Ceramic Tower Fan Heater

Image Source: Amazon

Lightweight and super stylish, this ceramic tower fan unit from Jack Stonehouse should not be under-estimate. It’s extremely powerful and incredibly efficient.

There are two heat settings, up to a maximum of 2000w, and an adjustable thermostat between 18 and 30 degrees (in 3-degree increments). User control is further enhanced by the programmable 15-hour timer.

It’s also incredibly user-friendly, with an electronic control panel and a remote control, and you’ll be amazed at the field of distribution thanks to the unit’s oscillating function.

Safety features include automatic shutdown to safeguard against overheating and accidental tipping over of the appliance.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 35
Average Customer Review Rating: 4.4 out of 5 Stars

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best electric heater uk

Image Source: Dimplex