What is a Dedicated Server? 7 Web Hosting Advantages for Business

Last Updated: June 1, 2019

Many small businesses in growth will ponder the question of what is a dedicated server when considering how to future-proof their web hosting capacity. Here are the main web hosting benefits from managed dedicated server hosting

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what is a dedicated server
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When your business grows to a sufficient level, you may need to assess the issue of web hosting and the possibility of having a dedicated hosting service. However, what is a dedicated server? Well, the simplest definition in response to this question of what is a dedicated server is that it’s a type of Internet hosting that involves the client leasing an entire server, and not sharing it with anyone else.

As you will have gathered, even from this cursory broad definition, the chief advantage that dedicated web hosting has for any business is flexibility and control. And it usually takes the form of managed dedicated server hosting, which is another major bonus, particularly for small businesses in a growth phase.


What is a Dedicated Server? 7 Business Advantages

Let’s take a look at the various layers to the question of what is a dedicated server, and discuss the primary hosting benefits for small business. The major disadvantage of dedicated servers are their expense. Choosing to go with a dedicated web server comes with a hefty price tag.

However, for all the access benefits of shared serving that come with a lower price tag, if your business is in growth, you will find that you will be stretching the limits of storage and bandwidth, which is bound to impact negatively on the user experience. When the physical server’s resources are shared, website performance can suffer if the amount of sharing is placing the server under strain. If you’re in a growth phase, dedicated hosting services are the only sensible option.


1. Control

Dedicated server web hosting means that you are very much taking the online aspect of your business operations into your own hands. No longer will the performances of your website be limited or impacted on by the activities of any other users on the server. You are the sole client.


2. Flexibility

The control aspect of dedicated server web hosting means that you will have infinitely more flexibility in terms of how you configure it. A caveat here is that you may require much more technical knowledge in order to make your websites perform exactly as you need it to. However, even this caveat is offset by another of the advantages of dedicated server web hosting…


3. Support

Dedicated hosting services give you access to 24/7 technical support, 365 days of the team. You will not have to invest in infrastructure, as the hosting provider will place your server in data centres that are managed by them.


4. Power

If your business is in growth, and your websites are receiving thousands of visitor hits per day, or you are engaged in specialist online activities (possibly app development), you’ll be requiring some serious processing power that’s only possible with dedicated hosting services with their unlimited bandwidth and disk space.


5. Front-End Excellence

If you go for a dedicated web server, there is no question that your visitors will have the best experience possible, whether browsing or logging in and accessing information. That’s particularly crucial if your website has a busy e-commerce dimension, or an online store, or anything that deals with financial transactions.


6. Reliability

No visitor to your business website will want to sit and wait for your website pages slowly load. When your site runs smoothly and pages load with ease, visitors are a lot more likely to frequent your site. A dedicated server will be able to handle any spikes in traffic, and high-speed network connectivity is assured. In this respect alone, managed dedicated server hosting solutions justify their price tag.


7. Security

Security is another big bonus of going for a managed dedicated server hosting solution. It’s probably a reason that, for many, will be the main attraction in an era dominated by hacks and cyber-crimeYour IP address will be unique, offering best protection against adware, malware.



All in all, the expense of managed dedicated server hosting solutions is justified, depending on where you business is at. If you’re running little more than a display site with a blog, it’s likely that shared hosting will do the trick for you. But for more ambitious e-commerce and online business and marketing strategies, managed dedicated server hosting is the only way to go..

Dedicated servers offer numerous advantaged compared to pretty much any other type of hosting. While many businesses are moving to the cloud and relying on inexpensive shared hosting options, the time will undoubtedly come when a growing business comes to a crossroads where dedicated web hosting is the only sensible route to take.


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